My Inventions

My first invention was for a software patent done many years ago. I used a patent lawyer to write the patent. I abandoned it after I realized there were better ways of implementing the algorithm.

I started my current inventing efforts over two years ago as a hobby almost by accident. I owned a convertible Briefcase/Backpack (ConvertaBrief by Eagle Creek). It was stolen while vacationing in Canada. I loved it; however, when I tried to buy a new one I found that it was no longer on the market. I looked at other briefcase/backpacks and none suited my needs. Thus, I got the brilliant idea that I could design and build my own. After about a year of work, I developed a prototype, filed a provisional patent application and then a patent application.

After using the prototype for six months on a daily basis, I decided that there was room for improvement. I started on an improved design. Over the course of a year I made several improvements, successively filed three provisional patents and finally a second patent application for the new design.

I have subsequently filed a provisional patent for a business card sized tape measure, and shortly will be filing additional provisional patents for toys and software.

It was at this point that I realized my love of inventing and special aptitude for writing patent applications. I also enjoyed the camaraderie of other inventors. Career Four as a patent agent by day and inventor in my free time was born!