Resources & References

Bad Guys –Fraud and Scam Tracking Resources

General (Ron Riley’s original website) (Great resource by Brown & Michaels, PC)




Pressman’s Patent it Yourself (14th edition edition, 2009 ) for patent filing related guidance

Slusky’s Invention Analysis and Claiming for writing claims

Drawing Software

DesignCad Software For Preparing Formal Drawings

Good Guys – Inventor Service Providers You Can Trust

Following is an initial listed. Others will be provided from time to time
The Big Idea Group

Everyday Edisons (associated with Inventors Digest and Edison Nation)

Lambert & Lambert

Pelham West Associates

Infringement Litigation Resources

Following is only one organization. Google the words patent and contingency to get a host of other organizations and law firms
Intellectual Property Contingency Consortium

Inventor Clubs

See the following link for a list of clubs and services in your area

Inventor Organizations

Online Patent Searching     My favorite, search both U.S. and some foreign with powerful query language        Users familiar with Google search will find this one easy to use. U.S. only.