Good Guys & Bad Guys

The Bad Guys and the Good Guys

This section discusses business and organizations that offer services to inventors. Some of them are scams and frauds (the bad guys); others are highly reliable organizations that, based on feedback I get from inventor groups and other sources, can be trusted and are definitely worth investigating. The bad guys take your money (as much as they can get, often into the tens of thousands) and offer little in return. The good guys are either free or have a minimal initial charge, and will develop and market your invention if they accept it (including patenting it if necessary), for a share of the profit.

The Bad Guys –Fraud And Scams

Many inventors have been severely hurt by invention submission companies. These companies, via advertisements on TV, the web, direct mail or email make great promises. However, user experience indicates that they charge excessive fees and rarely if ever provide useful services. The USPTO makes efforts to identify them, based on user complaints. takes a neutral position on specific companies. However, we do give useful links to organizations that track these companies based on complaints received.

See the resources and reference section for these Bad Guy businesses.

The Good Guys -Inventor Service Providers You Can Trust

These are businesses that seek inventions from the independent inventor and provide development, marketing and licensing services for a share of the profits. They will patent, develop, manufacture and market the invention themselves as required or license the invention to major companies. They take a piece of the profit, but require little or no financial input from the inventor. Some charge a small submission fee; others don’t.

All of the organizations listed here have presented to or have been recommended by inventor groups. However before you actually submit your invention to any of them, be sure to read their contractual terms. Some may require you to commit to them if they accept your invention; others may require you to hold off on assigning your invention to others until they have had a chance to evaluate your invention.

See the resources and reference section for these Good Guy businesses.