Patent Agent vs. Patent Attorney

As to whether one should use a patent agent or patent attorney or go it alone, it would be self-serving for me to make a recommendation. Rather, go to Ron Riley’s website.

Whats the difference between a Patent Agent and a Patent Attorney

-Patent Attorney must satisfy the same technical requirements as a patent agent
-Patent Attorney must pass the same patent bar as a patent agent
-Patent Attorney Is treated the same as a patent agent for filing and prosecuting patent applications at the USPTO
-Patent Attorney must also be an Attorney at Law and be admitted to a State Bar
-Patent Attorney can litigate and handle infringement law suites, trademark and copyright issues, and licensing which a Patent Agent can not.

How does your patent services compare with Law Firms offering patent services?

If you’re a large corporation with a fat budget, I recommend you use a major law firm. For the independent inventor however, I feel that my services are as good or better than the best intellectual property law firms, at ¼ to 1/10 of their fees. Keep in mind that Intellectual Property law firms are interested in business clients, preferably large business clients with deep pockets, and they make the big bucks from patent filings for these clients and especially for litigation when is necessary. If a company risks losing a patent infringement case that may cost hundreds of millions of dollars, they want the very best services they can find.

On the other hand suppose a small, independent inventor seeks help from a full service law firm practicing intellectual property law. If they agree to write a patent application, they will likely assign it to a newly hired lawyer or agent with little or no patent drafting experience. Furthermore, the pay for the service provider typically is about 1/3 of the amount they bill you; the rest going to overhead, large salaries to their senior staff, and partner profit. If they price your work at a fixed fee, they are always working against the clock to maximize their profit, so the quality of the work they provide to the independent inventor may be suspect. On the other hand, if they bill you at an hourly rate, caveat emptor!!

I, on the other hand, take great care to see my clients are satisfied. I am an active independent inventor and have the experience of filing five provisional patent applications and three regular patent applications over the last few years. The same quality that I put in my filings will be put in yours.

How does the your work compare other with patent agent services?

There are many excellent services out there. I feel my services are very comparable to theirs as to quality, but a much lower price. Also, be aware that many firms may initially advertise attractive low fees, but the cost may go up significantly once your invention details are examined. Be sure to determine the total cost of their services rather than just the initial cost. When exploring the possibility of using a Patent Agent or Attorney, be sure you fully understand the full cost of their services, including search fees, drawing fees and prosecution fees.