Considering Me?

If you are considering using my services, all communications are free until we mutually agree to terms.

Here’s the procedure.

  1. Send me a “safe” description of your invention field. For example, if you have an improved automobile muffler, the description could be “auto improvement invention”. I will either say its ok or send you back a description of my inventive interests in this area, if I have one. This is to avoid any conflict of interest of me as an inventor and me as a patent agent. The likelihood of there being a conflict is considerably less then one percent, but let’s be safe.
  2. Send me a rough description of where you are with your invention, e.g. do you have a prototype; do you have any documentation; do you feel comfortable with writing your own patent application; and what is the detailed field of the invention (e.g. muffler technology). At this point, I will decide if it is within my field of competence. If it isn’t, then I will recommend that you find someone else, and if I can, I will make some referrals.
  3. If we get to this stage, then I will sign a confidentiality agreement, and I will ask:
    a. What invention documentation do you currently have?
    b. Which of the options above in my fee structure do you feel best fits your needs?
  4. I will then examine your submissions and we will formally negotiate a price.