Low-Cost Patent Searching, Patent Application Preparation and Patent Prosecution for the frugal inventor.

I am Jerome Sacks, PhD. I am a Registered Patent Agent and an active independent inventor. I offer low-cost patent searching, patent preparation, and patent prosecution services for the frugal inventor.



$400 Worldwide Patent Search (Includes multiple iterations, see below for details)

$4800 Total Filing Cost. Includes Worldwide Search with patentability opinion, application preparation, formal patent drawings, USPTO Filing Fee and ALL communication (email and telephone)



Patent Search, Application Preparation and Prosecution Fees

A. Initial and follow-up telephone dialogues – FREE


Patent Search, Application Preparation and Prosecution Fees

A. Initial and ALL follow-up telephone dialogues – always FREE

B. Patent and Patent Publication Prior Art Search – $400

Search done by Sacks and includes the following
-U.S. Patent and Patent Publication Search
-Worldwide (Foreign) Patent Search, with translations when available.
-Patentability Opinion
-Compare to search services that charge $1,000 and up
-Customer can discuss results can request additional searches

C. Regular (non-Provisional) Patent Application Preparation and Filing

Service Fee –                        $4000
Patent office filing fee –       $400-$800 depending in user income and prior patent documents

Total Cost –                         $4800 (includes search fee, formal drawings patent preparation and
                                                           filing, and $400 filing fee)

       Includes the following at no additional charge
          -Free formal drawings
unlimited email and telephone consultation (as required)
          -Multiple embodiments (invention variants) as required

       1. For an additional $2000 (accelerated exam) prosecution completed under a year after filing
       2. For cost for filing a provisional first, call me to discuss

D. Patent Prosecution Response to Office Actions
Applies only if FrugalPatents prepared application,
     prices may be less if limited response required)

    1st Office Action                          

           $500 Analysis and Recommendation
           $500 File Response (if desired
          $1000 Total

       Each Additional office response -$500

  (Prosecution typically begins about 2+ years after regular filing)

       Rarely, additional patent application filings costs are for drawings requiring an outside
       expert draftsman (if required), fees for an outside technical expert (if required), and
       foreign document translations (if required)

E. Issue fees

 Service fee                             $ 300
USPTO Issue fee –                  
$ 400
Total                                        $ 700


Why so Cheap?

I am an active independent inventor and have filed several provisional and non-
provisional patent applications over the last several years. While doing this, I developed a
strong interest and considerable expertise in patent preparation. I therefore studied Patent
Law, passed the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Patent Office) Exam, and
received my official patent agent registration (#62493) in June 08, 2008

I seek independent inventors who will use my services and then attest to the quality of
these services. I am therefore offering cheap fees until my satisfied clients
start recommending me to their friends. However, in spite of my low prices, the quality
of my work is as good as or better than what is offered to independent inventors by the
major law firms.

Payment Schedule

Because of my low fees, payment (retainer) is required before actual work is performed
in each step. Full amount required for search.  Payment in two steps ($2200, $2200)
for regular patent application after paid search.